Yacht tourism

Yacht tourism, including international one is a new phenomenon not only for Ukraine but for all the countries in the northern Black Sea coast. This concept besides the availability of sufficient number of boats includes also the presence of the entire infrastructure to provide this kind of outdoor activities and sports in the marine conditions.

Until the present, the term «marine tourism» in our country was associated only with marine comfortable liners to sail between the ports of Ukraine or the ports of other countries. At the same time, millions of residents from Europe, America, Asia and even Australia include yacht tourism in the concept of marine entertainments.

Yacht tourism worldwide became not only elite kind of leisure, but also mass entertainment, which is available now even for the middle class. Many travel companies offer tours that can compete on price with certain «beach» mass directions. All companies that specialize in yacht tourism are mainly targeted at yachtsmen, i.e. adherents of both a prestigious and recreational sports.

Mediterranean countries such as Cyprus, Turkey, Croatia, Greece and Italy are the most popular in terms of «quality-price» ratio among the yachtsmen.

The annual number of yacht tourists in Greece totals on average 2 500 000 people in France – 1200 000, Italy – 700 000, Sweden — 120 000 in Finland – 30 000, in Estonia – 20 000.

The attractiveness of these countries for the yachting tourists is conditioned due to climatic factors, a high level of service and accessibility. Namely:

- Availability of safe routes
- Sufficient number of available quality marinas (specially equipped moorage for yachts)
- Availability of charter companies engaged in organization of yachting holidays.

For last several years, talks about the prospects of yachting vacation as a separate direction of the tourism industry are under way in Ukraine.



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