Chornomorsk Sea Port Authority

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The territory of the port has the shape of a stripe and it extents along port’s berths from the entrance upward the shore of Sukhoy Liman into the second basin to the ferry complex including the third basin also. The above mentioned right of way that has different widths: from 200 to 1,400 m. Port waters comprise inner and outer water areas.


The inner water area is the one of Sukhoy Liman; outer water area is the water area of the outer roadstead, anchorage No 351 and the water area of port’s dump of soil.


The passage draught at the berths is announced by the Harbour Master and is reported to navigators and other interested persons. The port can accept vessels up to 275 m in length (in some cases by permission of the Harbour Master – up to 300 m). The length of the port’s entrance canal is 1,400 m, width – 160 m and depth – 14,5 m.


Port position: 46°19' N, 30°41' E.


6, Pratsi Str., Chornomorsk, Odesa Region, 68001, Ukraine


Теl.: +38 (04868) 756-13



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